Community Service.

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I normally try to keep blog post like this in writing for either myself or not-school related but I’ll try to pull this seemingly-subject-less blog semi-full circle to the title – Come June.

Yesterday I saw an adult nervous for the first time.

I don’t know how I’ve gone 18 years with out witnessing this. I didn’t realize I hadn’t seen this my entire life until – I saw it.

To start the story I have to give background on my community service situation. I didn’t do it. It slipped my mind and 2 weeks before they were due I figured this: 40 hours of community services or 8 hours of exams. I took the 8 hours and felt terrible but that many hours in that short of time is simply not doable. My parents were less than pleased as well. My dad has been telling me I’d do some community service anyways as quasi-punishment and I figured it was a bluff like my coming punishments from when I got caught breaking into the liquor cabinet sophomore year. I figured if he did decide to make me do it I could choose what it was and just play with animals for a few couple of hours each weekend at the animal shelter. Instead I got just 2 hours of hell. But I’m glad.

I was eating dinner when my dad decided to tell me he’d volunteered me for community service hours. I was volunteered to be a victim. No joke. EMT was having test for potential members and they would be put in mock situations in which they would have to explain everything they would do to try and save the victims life. Lucky when I got there I first got to be a medic assistant instead of the victim. First was trauma and blood lose. They had a man from the neighborhood all covered in make-up to make it look like he’d been in a car wreck and broke his right upper arm (Humerus as I learned). There was only 4 people being tested.

The first test-taker came in. She had spend the last 6 months training and it all came down to this night of testing. She shook in every word she spoke. She tried to start the test before even hearing the scenario or stating her name. I honestly though something was the matter for awhile, then I realized that this woman in her late 50s was nervous. I didn’t know people over 30 could struggle with nerves. I thought she might have been the exception, but the other 3 were nervous as well.

Second was a upstanding confident business-type dad. I could tell he took a deep breathe before he walked in because first 10 seconds he did great then he fell to pieces like all the others as the calm air from outside the room left his lungs and the hot air from inside the testing room took its place. Saying ‘Oh jesus’ when ever he messed up and muttering mnemonic devices under his breath.

Thirds was this scrawny nerdy type and he then took the same nervous test. Except he would always say ‘That’ll probably make me fail” or “I probably forgot something important.” I thought only high school girls did that. I didn’t do that during my drivers test.

This this mom came in. She seemed like a typical Mariemont mom with her Mariemont Girls Lacrosse hoody on. She cussed like I’ve never heard. She failed. Not because of the cussing but because she forgot to address the broken bone sticking out of the victims body as well as a large gash across the man’s throat. I thought high school kids cussed an unnecessary amount but she was ridiculous.

After leaving that, I could help but think I can hold myself together better than that. I had never felt older walking out of that building. I think I might be an adult now.

Nothing clicked for me on my 18th birthday or any other time in my life like it did when I walked out that door. I thought these nervous people are suppose to be my example? Fourth quarter of my senior year and I think I’ve made up for all the growing up I forgot to do the past 3 years.


Tree House.

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Okay so I’ve decided my life plan.

Here is it: Live in a tree house.

Like this:

I’m going to leave after day after graduation and drive down to somewhere closer to the equator so I don’t have to deal with the cold. I’m going to find the perfect spot and build my tree house and do it. I will live my life hunting and scavenging in the woods of the south.

This all depend it on if I get into a college or not. My college search has not been going well so far. So I had to make a back up plan in case I get in no where. This Sunday is Easter when I get to tell ever single on of my family members that I don’t know where I’m going to college. Can’t wait.

I can’t decide which plan sounds better. Life in the tree house or typical college life. I guess only time will tell.

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As I was browsing through old photos I had taken to post on this blog post I realized I didn’t have anything to say about any of them. They were all from 7th and 8th grade when I use to carry a camera around with me most places I’d go. My mind continued to wander as I sifted through a pictures looking for one worthy of a blog post. Then I realized I knew almost every bit of detail surrounding each photo. Who I was with, where I was, what time of day, and – with this one in particular – what I was listening too.

I remember accidentally taking this photo walking out my house and being surprised how well it turned out (for just being a mistake press of a button and in 7th grade). I remember having M. Ward playing in my ears as I was getting ready to walk down the street to Teddy’s house around 4.

The question is way to often asked but never answered: why does my mind remember the stupidest stuff? I have multiple test this week in which I will me unable to recall information repeated to me a multitude of times and that will have a significant impact on my grades. Yet I can recall the fact I was listening to Helicopter by M. Ward.

If humans are so ‘smart’ why can’t we remember the important stuff and throw out the useless stuff?

I wish I could get somehow graded on my useless knowledge. I might actually get decent grades in that.